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3x Extreme Power Japan Lingzhi [ 100 Boxes ] = $10.99 each


Fat Burner - Expelling of Toxin - Relieving Constipation

Compliance with Japanese GMP Standard

Now more powerful with 3 times the strength!!! An exclusive ingredient in the 3x Extreme Power prevents the digestion of dietary fat, hence reducing its absorption by the body after sometime of consumption, body parts prone to fat accumulation (belly, arms, thighs and buttocks) could see dramatic benefits. This unique formula boosts 3 essential benefits:

1-/ FAT REDUCTION- Lower calorie intakes, prevents the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat, hence reduces the fat deposit in the body.

2-/ 60% FAT ELIMINATION- 60% dietary fat would be eliminated out of the body hence reducing fat absorption.

3-/ FAT BURNING-. Speed up the metabolism, increase fat burning rate for burning off excessive fats and enable 24 hours exercising in the body.

* With appropriate exercise, flabby body parts can be firmed up quickly.

* Contains various natural and herbal essences with no preservatives, free of medicines and heavy metals.

SUGGESTED USAGE: Take one capsule before breakfast, 1 time a day, if there are no feelings of discomfort after 3 days, take two capsules before breakfast, 1 time a day. Start off to take minimum.

PRECAUTIONS: For those patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, pregnant women as well as children

Matching together with Lingzhi Discharge tea or 2 Day Acai Cleanse will yield even better results.

Contents: 1 Box = 60 Capsules

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