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QOQO Eyelash Growth Liquid [ Set of 10 = $13.95 each ]


A Recent Study at Harvard has shown that the first thing that men are attracted to when looking at a woman, is her eyes. And the best thing that can happen to your eyes today is QoQo Eyelash Conditioner that prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors.

Description: No gluing, no peeling, no kidding! Flaunt healthier, stronger, look-again lashes you can truly call your own. Our safe, easy-to-apply formula is a blend of all-natural elements and break through technology. Used consistently, QoQo Lashes will strengthen, fill out and enhance short, sparse, and missing lashes within 6 weeks. Apply to thinning eyebrows for an extra beauty bonus.

Directions: Using the eyeliner-style applicator, apply a thin line of QoQo Lashes to the base of both upper and lower eyelashes. Apply as often as you wish. For best results, apply just before bedtime.

Warning: Apply a very tiny drop of product on a small area near the lash base. Wait 24 hours. If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use immediately and see an eye physician. For external use only. If product inadvertently gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on eyes, that are irritated or infected. Make sure that cap is secure after use to preserve purity.

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