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LA Queen Whitening Night Cream [ Set of 10 = $17.95 each ]


This efficient formulation is made from the essence of natural plant oils. It has proven remarkable effectiveness in diminishing dark spots, freckles and butterfly spots, as well as wiping off dull melanin and yellow colorization of the skin. With continued usage, your complexion will enjoy a softer white texture and youthful glowing radiance.

Its properties are particularly effective for skin wound healing and acne induced scar repairing. This Night Cream is ideal for post-laser and post chemical/enzyme peeling treatment and pampers your skin with a luxurious feel and soothing effect like never before.

Instructions: To have good results, it is best to use LA Whitening Night Cream in combination with LA Whitening Day Cream continuously for 21 to 28 days. Apply it sparingly at bedtime every night.

Net Weight: 20ml

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