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La Blance Perfect Slimming Essence - Cream [ 4 Boxes ]


La Blance Perfect Slimming Essence - the pecfect slimming essence contains natural seaweed and chaffs. It is more effective to lose weight than the ordinary products of the same kind. The natural grains of red pepper, by seeping into fat parts, can speed up the cycling of blood and metabolism - in this way fat is burned. If matched with special way of message, it can help to keep the straightway of lymph. As a result, the toxin is removed and what's more, solid of peppermint and grape oil help to get rid of toxin and adjust water elements in your body.


natural seaweeds, chaffs red pepper, grape oil, solid of peppermint


1. get rid of the toxin in your body and adjust water element in your body and

2. burn fat and build up your loose muscle afterlosing weight

3. soften and smoothen and contract a muscle.


massage evenly clock-wise for 2-3 minutes from inside to outside the fat where it heaps up such as waist, leg, stomach, and lymph.

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