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Eye Bright Blueberry [ 4 Boxes ]


Compliance with Japanese GMP Standard - Made in Japan

The Eye Bright Blueberry's main functions are:
* To reduce eye bag, dark circle
* To provide a nutrient blood circulation of the eye
* Improve sight, can see clearer
* A strong anti-oxidant, keeps the skin moist and anti-aging
* People eager to keep their heart healthy

To be suitable for:
* People watching TV or playing Video Games
* Computer users
* Eye bag, dark circle, eye swelling and eye tiredness
* Children under development and undergoing stress or doing homework for long hours
* People having dry and dehydrated skin and fine lines on face

Ingredients: Wild Blueberry Extract from Northern Europe & DHA (contains no sugar and coloring matter)

SUGGESTED USAGE: Take 2-3 capsules per day. Children under 12 take 1 capsule per day.

1 Box = 80 Capsules

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