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Aro-Charm-Genital Treasure

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Aro-Charm-Genital Treasure is an imperial treasure which naturally shows attractive charms. It was used by the imperial medical practitioners of the past dynasties of strength, beautify and sweetening the queens, imperial concubines to give a graceful and charming looks and figures. Made from 100% pure essence of natural plants extract and the elements of rare and precious plants, estracted by using modern leading-edge bio-chemical technology in accordance with the international G.M.P standard, Aro-Charm-Genital Treasure is an aesthetic product that makes a woman delightful and graceful.

Aro-Charm-Genital Treasure is a must for a woman who wants to resume her beauty, its extraordinary ingredients can sweeten the body, smoothen skins, gives overall charms, enhance, graces and tighten virginal muscles.

* Invigorates the internal natural source of fragrance(Body fragrance) and enhance the basic quality of the source as to give out fresh and delicate fragrance through the skin. Together with the natural body fragrance and better skin quality can be prettier and more attractive.
* Recover the physiological state, promote and balance the secretion. Improve the carriage and tighten the virginal muscles in order to keep the best beauty for you.

Specific Effects: Strenghthen body's physical condition. Tighten body muscles. Lift the dropped chest and hips and anti-aging.

Ingredients: ginseng Essence, Epimedium Essence, White Mulberry Fruit Essence, Rose essence, Bugbane Essence, Jasmine Essence, ect.No side effects.

Dosage: Twice a day, 2 capsules per each time. 4 packs are counted as 1 course of treatment. Best to be taken sonstantly. Long Term dosage should be 2 capsules per day.

Caution: A special caution should be noted for pregnant women. For those who suffering from colds, fever and allergies should avoid taking this product.

1 Box = 60 Capsules

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